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But the Russian scientists are saying that this will not go on for much longer. They have discovered ways for children to play all day long, to have fun, to go on picnics or do whatsoever they want to do – and then in the night they can be taught. They call this hypnopedia. But even in this there is the condition that they have to be woken up after the lesson is finished.

If this is possible, if to teach in this way is possible, then the Bardo process is right to say that dreams can be created by speaking into the ears of people who are dying. If a person dies in the dream state, his next birth will carry the memories of his previous life. This person will remain in the dream state in the new womb, and he will be reborn in the dream state. Even at birth there will be a fundamental difference between this child and a child born in the state of deep sleep. A child who is in the dream state in his mother’s womb will cause many dreams in the mother’s mind.

There are stories about Buddha and Mahavira, and particularly about the twenty-four tirthankaras of the Jainas; that when they were in their mother’s womb their mothers saw particular dreams. Even with time gaps of thousands of years, all the mothers saw the same dreams.

Jainas have created a whole science out of this. They have concluded that whenever a mother sees certain dreams, it means that a tirthankara is in her womb. The dreams of the mother are always the same. For example, if she sees a white elephant – which is a very rare thing to see, even if you try – then a tirthankara will be born. Those types of dreams became indications that a tirthankara consciousness was in her womb. And after much research, Jainas have fixed the exact number of these dreams: there are a certain number of dreams, and only if the mother has all the dreams is the child in her womb a tirthankara. The dreams related to a buddha are also fixed: if a child in buddha-consciousness is in the womb, the mother will dream certain dreams – but all these dreams are possible only if the child in the womb died in the dream state in his previous life, entered the womb in the same state and is now in the womb in that same state. Then the dreams of the mother will be strongly influenced by that child. In fact, the mother will be completely taken over by the being of that child, because a greater being than hers is in her womb.

A child born in the dream state can attain to the ultimate liberation in this lifetime if he wants to – but only if he wants to. If he does not want, he can still choose to be born again. But now his ultimate liberation can happen at any moment; it can happen whenever he chooses.

From Osho, Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Chapter 11

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