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I talked about Bardo in the morning. In this method the dying man is told, “You will see hundreds of couples copulating. Don’t be in a hurry. Think a little, take a little time, remain there for a while before you enter a womb. Don’t be in such a hurry to enter whichever womb attracts you.” It is as if a person goes downtown and buys whatsoever catches his fancy in a showroom. Whichever shop comes into view first, he is pulled to it; he enters the shop immediately. But an intelligent customer goes to several shops, checks and rechecks the items, makes inquiries, confirms the prices, and then decides.

So in the Bardo method the dying man is warned, “Beware! Don’t rush, don’t hurry, keep searching; give it thought, take everything into consideration.” This is told to him because, continuously, hundreds of people are copulating. The person clearly sees hundreds of couples making love, and among them he is only attracted to that couple capable of giving him a suitable womb.

Both superior and inferior souls have to wait until they find a suitable womb. The inferior souls do not easily find a womb of such an inferior character that through it they can attain their possibilities. Also, superior souls do not readily find a womb of a superior character. The inferior souls, stranded without bodies, are what we call evil spirits, and the superior souls waiting to take birth, we call them devatas, gods. Superior souls waiting for the right womb are gods. Ghosts and evil spirits are the lowest kind of souls – stranded because of their inferior quality. For the ordinary soul a womb is always available. No sooner does death occur than the soul instantly enters a womb.

The same friend has also asked:

Can these souls who are waiting to be born enter into someone’s body and harass that person?

This, too, is possible – because the inferior souls, those who have not yet found a body, remain very tormented; while, without bodies, the superior souls are happy. You should keep this distinction in mind. Higher souls always look upon the body as a kind of bondage of one sort or another. They wish to remain so light they even prefer not to carry the weight of a body. And, ultimately, they want to be free from the body, because they find even the body is nothing but a prison. Eventually, they feel the body makes them do certain things which are not worth doing. And so these souls are not very attracted to the body. The inferior souls cannot live for a moment without a body; their interest, their happiness is tethered to the body.

From Osho, And Now and Here, Chapter 3

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