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The people who are living consciously – and that is my basic teaching – live consciously every moment. Even while making love, remain conscious and a witness. It is a life-long growth of becoming alert. Then you can die consciously, and you can experience death as the ultimate orgasm. It is far bigger than any sexual orgasm. In fact, the difference is not only of quantity, the difference is of quality. It is immeasurable.

Living moment to moment, one learns how to die beautifully, silently, joyously. One is going on another adventure – unknown. I don’t give them any ideas what is going to happen after death, because that is absolutely wrong, destructive. It is as if I loved a movie and I tell you the whole story of the movie, and then tell you, “I have brought a ticket for you, go and see it!” I have destroyed it already, what is the point of seeing it? I give them the ticket, but I don’t tell them what is going to happen. That, they have to discover on their own.

It is tremendously beautiful. I have lived before and I have died before. And I have died consciously, so I know what a beauty it is. It is not the end; it is always a new beginning.

In existence nothing dies – cannot. You cannot destroy even a small pebble. You can grind it, but it will be there, now in powder form. You can throw the powder into the ocean; it will be there, resting somewhere in the bottom of the ocean. But now it is an accepted scientific truth that nothing can be destroyed, you can only change its form.

And if this is so about matter, what to say about consciousness, which is the highest evolution on the earth? Existence cannot be so stupid, so unintelligent, as to destroy consciousness. It does not even destroy stones – how can it destroy your soul?

But I don’t say to anybody to believe in me. I say, experiment. And right now you are alive, so don’t bother about death. When it comes, it comes. Right now, experiment with life, and be ready. Death can come any moment, and particularly in these days when politicians are preparing to destroy the whole of humanity, and religions have made their contribution through AIDS. That will destroy – if politicians cannot, then AIDS will destroy humanity.

From Osho, The Last Testament, Vol. 1, Chapter 28

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