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What Yama, the Lord of Death, has attained, you can also attain. Death is immortal because death never dies. You will die, but death cannot die. How can death die? So death is the key to deathlessness. If you learn to die consciously you also will attain to immortality.

Yama continued, “One who ignites and attains to this inner fire will cut the snares of death while still in the body. He will go beyond sorrow. He will experience the joys of heaven.”

“Oh, Nachiketa, this is the science of the inner fire that will lead to heaven. You have asked this as your second wish. From now onwards this fire will be known by your name.”

“Now, what is your third wish?”

In our meditations, we will pass through this inner fire. Rather than just talking to you, I will lead you into that fire. I will take you to the door of death where you also can knock at Yama’s door.

Now listen and understand this process rightly because from tomorrow morning we will begin the experiment.

The following are the first set of meditation instructions.[*] is the translation of Osho’s instructions that were given in Hindi.

[**] are the English instructions that followed.

*Tonight, before going to sleep, lie down on your bed for ten minutes. Turn off the light in the room and close your eyes. Exhale totally through the mouth; begin with the exhalation, not with the inhalation. Exhale deeply through the mouth and while exhaling, make the sound o…o…o…o. As your intoning of the sound becomes clearer, it will automatically create the sound om. You intone only the sound o…o…o…o and let the sound m…m…m arise by itself. You have not to say “om”. You have only to say “o” and allow the “m” to come on its own.

Exhale all the breath, then close your mouth and allow the body to inhale; you don’t inhale. You have to intone o…o…o with the exhale and allow the body to inhale.

Usually we do the inhalation and the body does the exhalation. There is a reason for this – the incoming breath is connected with life and the outgoing breath is connected with death. When a child is born, the first thing he does is to inhale. In the beginning he has no breath to exhale so first he inhales. The incoming breath is the first action of life. And the last action that a dying man will do is to exhale, because if the breath remains inside, death cannot happen.

Death is the outgoing of breath, life is the incoming of breath. Every moment, you are born when you inhale and you die when you exhale.

Here, in this meditation camp, we are preparing to become Nachiketas, so the emphasis will be on the exhalation. Don’t be concerned with inhalation. And don’t be afraid that you will die. The body will take care of inhalation; there is no need to hold your breath. You have to do nothing at all while the exhalation is happening. You have neither to inhale nor to control; you have only to exhale. You have to do this experiment for just ten minutes before you fall asleep, because sleep is also part of death. Sleep is a small death. If you fall into sleep with an exhalation then your whole sleep will become a deep death.

Do this experiment for ten minutes: with the intonement of the sound o…o…o exhaled through the mouth, and then let the nose inhale; again exhale through the mouth and let the inhalation happen through the nose. Fall asleep as you repeatedly intone the sound o…o…o. This will be your night meditation.

There is another method for the morning that I will explain to you tomorrow, at our morning session.

**In this camp I will be speaking only in Hindi. Those who cannot understand Hindi are very fortunate because their intellect will not be involved at all. You can leave your heads off, your head will not be needed. And this is good! This is a great opportunity – because intellect is the problem. It never solves anything; it cannot. It can only puzzle and confuse.

So those who cannot understand Hindi should not feel that they are missing something. No, they are not missing anything. They are missing only a certain intellectual confusion. They will not be confused.

While I am speaking in Hindi, just listen to the sound of my voice. That carries more than any words can carry. Just listen to my sound…meaningless…and the very sound will become a meditation for you.

I will tell you about the technique we are going to do. Tonight you have to start the first technique, and every night you have to do it.

Just before going to sleep, lie down on your bed and turns out the light. Close your eyes and exhale deeply. Start with exhalation. And while exhaling, make the sound o…o…o…o. Exhale through the mouth, not through the nose. While exhaling, make the sound o…o…o…o. Exhale with the sound and your mind will be exhaled through it. And don’t inhale: allow the body to inhale. Inhale through the nose but don’t make any effort to inhale. You simply exhale, close the mouth, and let the body inhale.

Remember this: make every effort to exhale deeply but don’t make any effort for inhalation. And remember, there is a very deep relationship between life, death and breathing.

The first thing a newborn child will do is to inhale. Life begins with inhalation. And the last thing a person will do when he dies, when he is old, will be to exhale. Death begins with exhalation.

Meditation is a death. And here we will be trying to die completely so that something which is eternal can come, can be born.

Throughout this whole camp, whenever you remember, exhale deeply. This is for the night. You have to do it; it is a must.

From Osho, The Message Beyond Words, Chapter 1


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