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Maneesha has asked a question:

I have heard you say that if we lose consciousness – through fear – at the point of death we re-enter the circle of birth and death.
Is witnessing all we can do at this crucial moment or is there any specific technique?

Maneesha, there is nothing except witnessing, and witnessing is not a technique.

Witnessing is your nature, your very nature.

You are nothing but witnessing.

Witnessing is the purest consciousness.

And it is not only fear that makes you unconscious. Fear is only one element. When you are dying, it is not only fear that makes you unconscious; you already have too much unconsciousness – fear only takes away the thin layer of consciousness. One-tenth is conscious, nine-tenths is unconscious. Fear takes away the thin layer of consciousness and you are drowned in your own unconsciousness. It is so deep. It does not come from outside.

In meditation, when you are witnessing, you are by and by, without your knowing it, dispelling unconsciousness. You are becoming more and more conscious. The thin layer of consciousness becomes thicker and thicker and thicker, and a moment comes when your whole being is full of consciousness. This is witnessing.

So when death comes, you witness death. When life was there, you witnessed life. It is nothing new: death is only an object, just as life was an object. If you have learned how to witness, there is no question of being afraid. You will be a witness in your death too.

And if you are a witness in your death, you will never be born again into any other prison of the body. You will not suffer nine months in a mother’s womb, in deep darkness, completely encaged. You will not suffer coming out of the womb – because the passage is very narrow and the child suffers immensely.

In fact, the scientists say that every child is born before his time; nine months are not enough for the child to become mature. At least eighteen months are needed, but eighteen months will kill the mother. In eighteen months the child will be so big, you will not believe it: the mother is bursting.

Maneesha, there is no technique as such. Your being, your consciousness, has to transform all the dark corners inside you. The light has to reach into every nook and corner.

That’s what we call meditation.

Witnessing penetrates to every nook and corner – slowly slowly, all darkness, all unconsciousness disappears. And if you die consciously, witnessing death, you are freed from the imprisonment of the birth and death circle. Then you can melt into the cosmic whole, into absolute silence, into great ecstasy. That is the only authentic religiousness.

It is time for Sardar Gurudayal Singh.

Duckworth Bird and Whitney Whacker find themselves sitting next to each other at the pool side of the Screwing Sands Hotel in Jamaica. Duckworth leans back in his beach chair, takes a long sip on his iced Pina Colada, and sighs, “Ah! Life is good!”

“Yes,” replies Whitney, sipping on his Tequila Sunrise. “It is true.”

“You know,” says Duckworth, “I am here on my insurance money. I collected ten thousand dollars for fire damage.”

“Me too!” exclaims Whitney. “But I got twenty thousand dollars for flood damage.”

There is a long silence. Then Duckworth sits up straight in his chair, and turns to look at Whitney.

“Tell me something,” says Duckworth. “How do you start a flood?”

Paddy and Seamus are having a beer in the pub, and are talking about Sean, their absent-minded friend.

“He’s getting worse,” says Paddy, shaking his head in dismay.

“Yes, I know what you mean,” agrees Seamus. “Just last week he took his dog for a walk around the park and got lost.”

“Well that’s nothing,” explains Paddy. “It was really embarrassing just last night in this pub. He started kissing a woman by mistake!”

“My God!” exclaims Seamus. “Did he think it was his wife?”

“No!” replies Paddy. “It was his wife!”

From Osho, Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment, Chapter 2

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