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In the East we have a different outlook: death is not the enemy but the friend. Death gives you rest.
You have become tired, you have lived your life, you have known all the joys that can be known in
life, you have burnt your candle totally. Now go into darkness, rest for a while and then you can be
born again. Death will revive you again in a fresher way.
So the first thing: death is not the enemy.

The second thing: death is the greatest experience in life if you can die consciously. And you can die
consciously only if you are not against it. If you are against it you become very panicky, very afraid.
When you are so afraid that you cannot tolerate that fear there is a natural mechanism in the body
which releases drugs into the body and you become unconscious. There is a point beyond which
endurance will not be possible; you become unconscious So millions of people die unconsciously
and miss a great moment, the greatest of all. It is samadhi, it is satori, it is meditation happening to
you. It is a natural gift
If you can be alert and you can see that you are not the body…. You will have to see, because the
body will disappear. Soon you will be able to see that you are not the body, you are separate. Then
you will see you are separating from the mind too. Then the mind will disappear. And then you will
be just a flame of awareness, and that is the greatest benediction there is.
So the first thing:


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