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All of us have missed in past lives; otherwise we wouldn’t be having the wonderful experience of sitting at your feet instead of being dissolved into the whole forever.
The other night you said that my constant longing is a proof that I am carrying a seed from my past life, and that I shouldn’t miss this life but let the seed sprout and die consciously so that I can work on in the next life – even without a master. You have already excluded Maneesha and Milarepa from disappearing. Am I also doomed to go round again?

It all depends on you. If you want to do another round, it is very easy. You have done many rounds before – millions, because since the beginning we have been here doing rounds, circling. But if you are satisfied that enough rounding has been done and it is time now to stop, that too is not difficult. Nature is very simple, and it gives you total freedom – you just have to be decisive.

To stop the round, you will have to drop many things – your desires, your ambitions, aspirations, greed, ego – the laundry list is long. But if you can do without laundry, you can stop any moment the wheel of life and death.

It was necessary that you should go through all these rounds to bring you to the realization that now it is enough and you should stop, because there is another world that begins with stopping – another universe, desireless, passionless, full of love, full of joy, just absolute in every sense. Nothing can be more than that.

So by stopping you are not losing anything, just stopping the sorry-go-round. People call it merry-go-round. I have always been puzzled why they call it merry-go-round. Nobody seems…. So I have made my own word, “sorry-go-round.”

And if you see the suffering and the anguish of it all, that very seeing will stop it and then begins a totally new world of which only a few indications can be given, and those indications are not descriptions of its entirety. They are just arrows pointing. It is infinite, it is eternal, it knows no sadness, no sorrow.

And everything depends on a single thing: your decision.

And my whole effort is somehow to stop your sorry-go-round, but you insist that you want just one time more – as if you have not been on the same trip millions of times – just one time more.

Try to understand your life as it is, and there will be no problem. The stopping will come on its own accord.

From Osho, The Transmission of the Lamp, Chapter 44


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