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Meditation is the sutra, the thread, that leads to samadhi, to absolute solution. So meditation is the thread that will also make you free from all the three bodies.

In your waking state, begin with meditation. Even when you are awake, you are not meditatively awake. When you walk on the road you are awake, but one more dimension must be added to this wakefulness: you are awake, now also walk meditatively. You will ask, “When I am already awake when I walk, what does it mean to walk meditatively?” Yes, you are awake and walking, but to walk meditatively means that when you raise one foot – even when your hand moves or your eyes look up or you blink or look back – then all this has to happen in awareness; it should not happen in unawareness.

Once, Buddha was speaking to someone who was sitting in front of him, and the man’s big toe was moving on its own. Buddha stopped speaking and asked him, “Why is your big toe moving?”

The man said, “You bring up such strange things! You were talking about metaphysics and suddenly you are concerned with my big toe?” But the moment Buddha asked the question, his big toe stopped moving. The man said, “I was not aware of it. I did not know that it was moving. It must be habitual, mechanical.”

Buddha said, “Look, everyone! It is his own toe that is moving and he does not know it. And he himself is saying that it must be moving mechanically.

“So are you really awake? It is true that you are in a waking state because when I spoke you heard it – but you are not meditatively awake because your big toe is moving and you are not aware of it.”

So bring awareness into your waking state. Whatsoever you may be doing, do it meditatively. From this point of view, the word that Buddha uses for meditation is very beautiful: he uses the word sammasati, right-mindfulness. This means that whatsoever you are doing should be done in a state of right self-remembrance. Buddha used to say that if you turn left, your mind should be aware that you are turning left. If a man calls you a name, your mind hears it and also becomes aware that the man has called you a name and that you have heard it. And if anger arises within you, then the mind is aware that anger is arising because this man is calling you names. Then you will find that the whole situation has changed because when a man is able to watch anger arising, anger cannot arise. If a man can watch when anger is catching hold of him, the anger cannot catch hold of him. If someone can see anger coming, it will never come – awareness will transform the mind.

From Osho, Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Chapter 11

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