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What exactly is the right remembrance that Buddha
talks about? I go on remembering all kinds of things you have said, and my own insights, but isn’t that my mind trying to deceive mind? And who is remembering it?

What Gautam Buddha calls the right remembrance is not what you understand by remembering. To create the distinction between what he means and your understanding of remembering, he uses the word right; otherwise there is no need to use that word.

His original word is sammasati; sati is remembering, it is memory. It is all the experiences that you have passed through. Right remembrance is not memory, it is remembering yourself – who you are. Not your education, not your culture, not your civilization, not your religion, not your profession – who you are. The moment you remember yourself – “I am this…this moment, this consciousness, this bliss, this eternity” – it is right remembrance.

It is the same poverty of language that each mystic has suffered from. Even Buddha could not do much more than that. He had to use a word from the language which knows nothing about the self; which knows about everything else in the world, but don’t ask “Who are you?” because that creates great anxiety.

Just think: if somebody asks you, “Who are you?” – not your name, obviously; not your caste, obviously; not your nation, obviously. Who are you? Not your body because it changes every day. Will you be able to recognize a picture of yourself from the first day your father made your mother pregnant? Your picture will not be more than a small dot on the paper. Will you be able to recognize that this is you?

And since then, every moment you have been changing. Once you were a child, once you were young, once you were old, and some day you are going to be dead also. You are a constant change. It is not still photography, it is a movie.

But in this whole changing, riverlike being…who are you? Only the stupid will speak out; the wise will remain silent. One who knows not will say, “I am this; I am a man, I am a woman, I am young, I am Hindu, I am a Christian…” Only the stupid will speak out.

The wise will become absolutely silent. He is also answering – his silence is the answer. Buddha calls this silence “right remembrance”…sammasati.

From Osho, YAA-HOO! The Mystic Rose, Chapter 29

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