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See the point, see it immediately: because there is no mind, you cannot be ignorant. Because there is no mind, how can you be wise? You have gone beyond the duality. Ignorance gone, wisdom gone, you simply are. Just as the roseflower is, the rock is, you are.

Even though one hears the teaching and does not cling to worldly desires, does not love Buddha or the true path, if, when he has to select one out of two, he selects quietness from confusion, wisdom from ignorance, inactivity from activity and clings to one or the other of these, then he is a dull student.

If you choose between wisdom and ignorance, if you choose between inactivity and activity, if you choose at all between right and wrong, you are a dull student. Choice makes you dull.

Krishnamurti repeats again and again that choiceless awareness is ultimate freedom. Don’t choose and be free. Choose and you have chosen your bondage. Choose and you are imprisoned immediately. Each choice is a prison.

Sannyas is not a choice: it is dropping of all choices. It is simply a gesture of dropping all choices, likes and dislikes. It is moving beyond duality.

If one transcends both wisdom and ignorance, has no greed for the teaching, does not live in right recollectedness, does not raise right thinking, and does not have aspirations to be a pratyeka-buddha nor a bodhisattva, then he is a sagacious student.

When there is no choice, no greed, not even for the right-mindfulness – that is Buddha’s basic teaching, sammasati: right-mindfulness – even for that, in the ultimate state of intelligence, there is no choice. Not even the desire to be a buddha or to be a bodhisattva. No desire for nirvana, no desire for god. Desire as such has disappeared. One lives moment to moment, without any desire. Tremendous is his richness.

There are people who have much but still desire for more. Their poverty is beyond belief. And there are people who don’t have much and still don’t desire anything more. Their richness is beyond measure.

A man who has no desires has come home. He has become a chakravartin. He has conquered the world without conquering anything at all, because the whole kingdom of God godis his, all inexhaustible treasures are his.

The only secret key is choiceless awareness.

These answers of Bodhidharma can be reduced to this single phrase: choiceless awareness. But don’t cling to the words, experience it, because it is only experience that liberates.

Enough for today.

From Osho, The White Lotus, Chapter 11

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