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Be silent. Close your eyes…and feel yourself completely frozen.

This is the right moment to enter inward.

Gather all your energy, your total consciousness, and rush toward the inner center with deep intensity and urgency.

The center is just two inches below the navel, inside the body.

Faster…and faster… Deeper…and deeper…

As you come closer to the center of being, a great silence descends over you, and inside a peace, a blissfulness, a light that fills your whole interior. This is your original being. This is your buddha.

At this moment, witness that you are not the body, not the mind, not the heart, but just the pure witnessing self, the pure consciousness. This is your buddhahood, your hidden nature, your meeting with the universe. These are your roots.




Relax…and just be a silent witness.

You start melting like ice in the ocean. Gautama the Buddha Auditorium becomes an oceanic field of consciousness. You are no longer separate – this is your oneness with existence.

To be one with existence is to be a buddha, it is your very nature. It is not a question of searching and finding, you are it, right now.

Gather all the flowers, the fragrance, the flame and the fire, the immeasurable, and bring it with you as you come back.



Come back peacefully, silently, as a buddha.

Just for a few seconds close your eyes and remember the path and the source you have found, and the buddha nature that you have experienced.

This moment you are the most blessed people on the earth. Remembering yourself as a buddha is the most precious experience, because it is your eternity, it is your immortality.

It is not you, it is your very existence. You are one with the stars and the trees and the sky and the ocean. You are no longer separate.

The last word of Buddha was sammasati.

Remember that you are a buddha – sammasati.

From Osho, The Zen Manifesto: Freedom from Oneself, Chapter 11

Copyright © 2010 OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland. All Rights Reserved

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