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It is natural that in my commune you will not find anybody bothering about the future, bothering about what happens after death, because so much is happening right now: who cares about death? So much joy and so much peace and so much silence is available right now, who has time to think about tomorrow? The tomorrow will take care of itself.

We are so busy living here and now – that’s why you don’t see my people talking about the past, or the future. They don’t bother about the past. If it was not, no harm to us. If all these people had not happened at all…if all these history books are just inventions and fictions, so what? If there has been no past, no yesterday, so what? It does not take anything from us; we are not living on it, we are not in any way rooted in it, we are free of it. If it all disappears – so far, so good! It carries no meaning for us.

And why should we be bothered about the future? If you know the art of living – and that’s what I call religion, real, authentic religion: the art of living. If you know the art of living – and it consists of small things, not of big, great commandments…very small things: just sipping your tea joyfully, meditatively, tasting each sip as if this is the last sip. Perhaps you may not be able again to hold the cup in your hands – there is no guarantee.

When you are meeting a friend – meet. Who knows, you may not be meeting again. Then you will repent. Then that unfulfilled past will haunt you – that you wanted to say something and you could not say it. There are people who want to say “I love you” to somebody, and they wait for years and do not say it. And the person one day may die, and then they will cry and weep and they will say, “I wanted to say ‘I love you’ to the person, but I could not even say that.”

My people are living, living so fully that there is no space for any tomorrow, for any yesterday.

And only fools bother about death. In fact, only people who don’t know how to live bother about death. They are afraid. They know they have missed the train of life. Now only death is there. Now, what is death? What happens after death? They are thinking to catch the train after death. Here they have missed! These fools who can miss here, do you think they will be able to catch the train after death? While they were living, fully alive, and they missed the train…. When they are dead, I don’t think they will be able to catch the train.

But if you are living fully, joyously, there is no reason at all to think of the future. It does not arise at all in your being. And your contentment, moment to moment, goes on making you more and more fulfilled, so fulfilled that you could not have imagined, dreamed of it.

With this fulfillment, if death comes you will live that death-moment too, with joy and ecstasy, because it will be opening a new door, a new possibility. You will be thrilled. It will be an adventure and a challenge. And you will not be afraid of death because what can death take from you? What can death disturb? What can death stop? But a person who has not lived, he is afraid of death, and trembling.

From Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Chapter 12

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