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He said, “My God, you have written such a poetic piece about it. I had completely forgotten the lake; I had started taking it for granted. The forest, the mountains…. Yes, I remember now; when I entered this house for the first time there was so much excitement.”

But excitement is a momentary thing. You cannot remain excited forever; otherwise your blood pressure will rise so high you will simply pop off! Excitement always means going up to a certain point and then going down. It is always up and down. Falling back into misery, searching again for some excitement…this is the ordinary run of life.

But when you attain to contentment through meditation – when you come to a peaceful inner space where nothing moves, where time stops – in the beginning it is a tremendous ecstasy, not only excitement. But soon you will become accustomed to it, and that’s what is happening to you. You have neither become dull, nor are you stuck. It is just natural. It is the way things are supposed to be.

You have to learn a new art of seeing your contentment, your peace, your silence, your happiness – not as something that you had yesterday too. You have to learn to forget the past completely. To be more exact, you have to die to the past so that every day your peace and your contentment are fresh, ecstatic, as if you have discovered them just now.

Die every moment to the past and be reborn again and again. Each moment has to be a death and a resurrection. Unless you learn the art of dying and resurrecting you will feel a little bored, because it is the same, always the same, nothing changes.

You have lived your millions of lives in the past only through changes, hoping for some excitement. Arriving, you have to learn some new art. Some new dimension has to open into your being: how to live with the eternal. You have known only living with the changing, with the impermanent, with the ephemeral. Now learn the new art of living with the eternal, the unchanging, the absolutely still, unmoving – something beyond time and space.

Once you have learned this new art, you will find every day new flowers in your contentment, new stars in your silence, new showers of blissfulness and ecstasy. But you have to forget your yesterdays otherwise it will look like the same repetition.

I am not bored, and I have lived in utter contentment, in absolute peace. Nothing moves within my being. All is totally silent and still. But because I never think of yesterdays I am immensely ecstatic every moment. What is past is past; I have never looked back. It is the same contentment, the same peace, the same silence – but because I go on dropping the past it is always new for me.

Learn the art of keeping the eternal always fresh. Don’t allow any dust to gather on the mirror of the eternal.

From Osho, Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty, Chapter 3

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