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This is a temple of total ruin – kharabat. If you come close to me, remember, you are going to die.

Mohammed has said, “Die before you die.” That is a Sufi statement: die before you die. Death is coming, death will take you away, but that will not be a voluntary death. It will not be a surrender. You will be forced to die. A Sufi dies voluntarily; he dies in love. He does not wait for death to come, love is enough to die for. And to die in love is beautiful because to die in love is to go beyond death. Listen to Mohammed: die before you die.

If you can die here with me…I am a dead man. I have died. And all that I am teaching you is an art of dying so that you can move into the state of fana, you disappear. If you fulfill that condition of disappearing, God immediately rewards you with baka – being descends in you – and that being is eternal.

The door that you have to pass through is the door of love because only a lover is ready to die voluntarily. Nobody else can die voluntarily, only a lover, because the lover knows that death is not death, but the beginning of an eternal pilgrimage.

We are not creating a Kaaba here for idiots to circle, not a mosque for mobs to clamor in. We are creating a scientific energy field, where your energies can be transformed into their optimum potential. And when a man is really aflame with love, God has happened. And only with the happening of God can you be contented and can you be blissful. Only with the happening of God does misery disappear and do hells become non-existent.

God is already the case! But you have not been able to gather courage enough to die in love. Sufism will persuade you, will seduce you to die in love.

A Sufi mystic says:

l thought of You so often
that I completely became You.
Little by little You drew near
and slowly but slowly I passed away.

If you remember God…. And to remember God means to see God in the trees and the birds and the people and the animals. Wherever life is look for God, wherever existence is search for God, because only God is – La illaha ill Allah. So he can be found anywhere. He has to be found everywhere. Don’t look for God as a person, otherwise you will go on missing.

That’s why millions of people search for God but go on missing. They are searching for a certain image. God has no image; God is not a person. God is this wholeness, this totality. So don’t start looking for a certain personage, otherwise you will never find him, and, not finding him, you will start thinking there is no God. You started from a wrong vision.

From Osho, The Secret, Chapter 1

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