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Anything that is totally lived is equal to meditation. You don’t need meditation. And a man who is living moment-to-moment, absolutely naturally, according to himself, has nothing to regret, is not a failure. Hence, a happy man, a blissful man, needs no God. It is your misery, your failure to be natural, that makes the life of God so successful. God fills your vacuum. But a man who lives totally has no vacuum.

I don’t have a God – not because I am philosophically atheist, no. I simply don’t need a God. I am so fulfilled in myself that I don’t need any religion, and I don’t need any prayer, and I don’t need any meditation. Every moment is so exquisite, so immensely ecstatic, who cares about all these stupid questions: God, heaven, hell? These are questions of an insane humanity, and an insane humanity is bound to be exploited by the priests in the name of God.

So first they drive you nuts, then you have to bring coconuts to offer to them! It is a strange game. The game that the priest is playing in the world is the ugliest game. His whole success depends on your failure, and your failure depends on being unnatural.

If you understand, my approach is so clean and clear: just be natural, and God will not matter at all – neither heaven and hell, nor any priest. Every moment you will be so much in tune with existence that you will blossom like flowers, you will dance like peacocks, you will sing like cuckoos. Your life will have a totally different flavor. It will have the fragrance of a man who is utterly contented with himself and existence as it is – no desire to change, no desire to make this existence better, no desire to bother about what will happen after death.

Socrates’ statement is very significant at this point. Before he died, somebody asked, “Are you afraid that you are going to be poisoned this evening as the sun sets?”

He said, “Why should I be afraid? There are only two possibilities: either I will die, then there is nobody there to be worried, or I shall not die, then what is the worry? Only two alternatives, simple: either I will be completely gone, and gone, there is nobody left. Who is going to worry? Who is going to suffer? Or I will not die. If I don’t die, why should I worry? I know how to live. I have lived my whole life so joyously. If there is any life after death, I will continue to live, I know the art. If there is no life, I will rest. I know how to rest totally, eternally. There is no problem. Either I will be dancing or I will be resting. But I know both are beautiful. Rest has its own beauty – eternal rest, no worry, no despair, no anxiety, no anguish. Or I will be dancing, I know the art. And my dance can go on eternally.”

A man who is really successful will have the same approach as Socrates. Who cares about death? Only people who have not lived are worried about death.

It is a very strange phenomenon. People who have not lived, who have simply hoped to live some day – tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or maybe after death in paradise – those who have been postponing life, are the only people who are afraid of death because they don’t know the art of living.

The art of living is simple. Be natural. Don’t be bothered by Manu, Moses, Mahavira, Mohammed – don’t be bothered by anybody at all. They lived their life, they never bothered about anybody.

Just learn that secret. Buddha lived his life, not according to any scripture, not according to any Vedas, not according to any discipline. He lived according to his own insight. That is his greatness. That’s what makes him a beautiful flower, a lotus, perfectly open to the sun, to the rain, to the wind, dancing, enjoying. Mahavira lived his own life. All the people who have lived their lives totally, without any guilt, without any priest interfering, are successful people.

I know only of one success, and that is your life should be your life, your natural existence. But if you fail in being your authentic nature, then the lie of God is going to be successful. Then you have to look for somebody to take care of you. Then you are worried what will happen after death. Perhaps there is a God: how will you face him if you don’t worship him? It is better to worship. If there is no God, there is no harm; if there is a God, you can always say, “I was worshipping.” These are the people who are chickens. They are not to be called human beings.

Be authentic, be natural, be honest in every act you are doing. And this is only possible if you enter in your being and find the center. That is the only success in the world: to find your center and then let the center guide you. The light will come from the center, radiating from you, and you will be a natural man. The natural man is the buddha.

The unnatural man is pathological, sick. Then he is bound to be exploited by the priests or by the psychoanalysts – who are the new priests. They don’t have anything to offer. Their psychoanalysis is as bogus as the religions. They are the new rabbis, the new bishops, the new popes. They don’t give anything, they simply exploit you. And the priests have not contributed anything to humanity, they have simply exploited. They are the greatest parasites in existence.

From Osho, God Is Dead: Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth s the Only Living Truth, Chapter 6

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