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Introduction to the bardo teachings

The Bardo teachings are Tibet’s greatest contribution to humanity. Most people think of the Bardo
teachings as The Tibetan Book of the Dead,the Bardo Thodol.They know of the showing of the peaceful and wrathful deities in the interval between death and the next rebirth. The Bardo teachings also refers
to the larger idea that our entire existence on this planet is a series of dreamlike states,(Bardo literally
means interval or between states).These six bardos are: between birth and death; while dreaming;
while in meditation; the showing of the clear light, just after the dying process; the appearances of the
peaceful and wrathful deities which are projections of our own minds; and the seeking of a new womb,
the bardo of becoming. The third meaning associated with the idea of the Bardo teachings is “ a series
of methods for remaining conscious during the aforementioned six bardos,in order to achieve liberation
in as short a time as possible.”

I have studied the Bardo teachings for forty years with several Tibetan teachers. In 1986 Osho appointed
me the Director of the Osho Institute for the Art of living and Dying.I asked him to please suggest how
to modify and update the traditional Bardo teachings, as they seemed too culture bound and arcane for
modern meditators.How could they be more accessible to contemporary minds? He told me” you do it
Bodhicitta,follow your feelings “This website is an update of the Bardo teachings, a transmission of the
teachings for your benefit,to prepare you for a conscious death or a good rebirth.

In 1986 I received the traditional Tibetan Bardo transmissions and teachings in Kathmandu ,from
Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.He is one of the Karmapa’s teachers and said to be one of the highest
incarnations on the planet.I did the 49 day Bardo retreat under his guidance and was empowered
to transmit the teachings. I asked him, “How do you know the teachings are true? Have you direct
memories of the time between death and the next rebirth?”He said,”No,I do not?”Then I asked him if he
knew people who had direct experience,he again said”No”.I asked him a third time”, how did he know
they were true?”He said ‘’I TRUST MY TEACHERS”.

That is the best I can do also.I have listened to everything Osho said in English,read what
has been translated from Hindi. I have also searched the writings of other enlightened
teachers(Krishnamurti,Anandamurti,Meher Baba,many traditional hindu texts),talked to evolved
teachers in Tibetan,Hindu,Zen Jewish and Christian traditions,and ,finally,as Osho advised,followed my
feelings in constructing this website for you.

bardo#1 path of the mystic #7

Audio for Bardo part 1 (click to play or right click to download) Osho, I’ve always been fascinated by the state of bardo as described in ancient Tibetan scriptures. Could you say something about this? The Bardo is a simple method but with great significance. Only people who have meditated a little bit in their [...]

bardo#2 ancients music in the pines 8

Audio for Bardo part 2 (click to play or right click to download) The second thing to understand about death is that death is the only certainty. Everything else is uncertain: it may happen, it may not happen. Death is certain, because in birth half of it has already happened, so the other end must [...]

bardo#3 and now and here 10

Audio for Bardo part 3 (click to play or right click to download) Hence, when I say death is a delusion I do not mean it is a delusion that happens either to the body or to the soul. I call it a social delusion – one which we cultivate in every child. We indoctrinate [...]

bardo#4 From Osho, Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Chapter 11

Audio for Bardo part 4 (click to play or right click to download) During a twenty-four hour cycle you move through these states on a bigger scale, but you also move through them in each moment. Your whole life is a movement through these three states – and through many, many lives you have moved [...]

bardo#5 Osho, I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here, Chapter 2

Audio for Bardo part 5 (click to play or right click to download) So now that Jesus was crucified, he saw there was no point in being there, and he left. He came by ship, so he landed in South India. But he traveled all over India, and met all kinds of mystics who were [...]

bardo #6 Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Chapter 11

Experiments have been done with some ten thousand people; America has spent much money on it. People have been paid to sleep in laboratories. They sell their sleep, because they have to be awakened from their sleep again and again during the night. Certain wires and instruments are attached to them while they sleep. After [...]

bardo#7 Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Chapter 11

Audio for Bardo part 7 (click to play or right click to download) But the Russian scientists are saying that this will not go on for much longer. They have discovered ways for children to play all day long, to have fun, to go on picnics or do whatsoever they want to do – and [...]

bardo#8 The Razor’s Edge, Chapter 3

Audio for Bardo part 8 (click to play or right click to download) Osho, A few months ago my friend and I were visiting his dying father. Lots of people were around. His body was about finished. To most people he was indifferent, but when everyone left he suddenly opened his eyes and told us, [...]

bardo #9 And Now and Here, Chapter 3

Audio for Bardo part 9 (click to play or right click to download) I talked about Bardo in the morning. In this method the dying man is told, “You will see hundreds of couples copulating. Don’t be in a hurry. Think a little, take a little time, remain there for a while before you enter [...]

bardo#10 Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, Chapter 15

Audio for Bardo part 10 (click to play or right click to download) His wheel was his wheel; it was not even visible to us. It was his own consciousness, and only he could do it. Since he was asking us to stop it, it was obvious that he could not do it himself, hence [...]

bardo#12 The Last Testament, Vol. 1, Chapter 28

Audio for Bardo part 12 (click to play or right click to download) The people who are living consciously – and that is my basic teaching – live consciously every moment. Even while making love, remain conscious and a witness. It is a life-long growth of becoming alert. Then you can die consciously, and you [...]

bardo#13 The Message Beyond Words, Chapter 1

Audio for Bardo part 13 (click to play or right click to download) What Yama, the Lord of Death, has attained, you can also attain. Death is immortal because death never dies. You will die, but death cannot die. How can death die? So death is the key to deathlessness. If you learn to die [...]

bardo#14 Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy, Chapter19

Audio for Bardo part 14 (click to play or right click to download) So meditation has a beginning in the mind, but that is not real meditation. Begin in the mind, so that you can move toward meditation, and when mind ceases and you are beyond it, then real meditation begins. We have to begin [...]

bardo#15 And Now and Here, Chapter 8

Audio for Bardo part 15 (click to play or right click to download) Hence, I say religion is the art of dying. You might say, however, that I have often said religion is the art of living. I certainly talk about both things, for only one who knows how to die is able to know [...]

bardo#16The Long, the Short and the All, Chapter 5

Audio for Bardo part 16 (click to play or right click to download) In the culmination of meditation, in samadhi, the meditator dies of his own accord. And because he has embraced death of his own free will he realizes the truth – that his inner self is separate from his physical body. Once this [...]

bardo#17 Flight of the Alone to the Alone, Chapter 11

Audio for Bardo part 17 (click to play or right click to download) So if awareness enters into the waking state and all your actions in this state start to happen meditatively, then you have become free of one body. Then you have to take the same process into the dream state. This means to [...]

bardo#18 Beyond Psychology, Chapter 44

Audio for Bardo part 18 (click to play or right click to download) Osho, When I go to sleep at night, I am swept away by such incredibly surreal dreams that I wake up in the morning surprised I am in my same bed. Osho, is there a way to channel this phenomenal energy that [...]

bardo #19 Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment, Chapter 2

Audio for Bardo part 19 (click to play or right click to download) Maneesha has asked a question: Osho, I have heard you say that if we lose consciousness – through fear – at the point of death we re-enter the circle of birth and death. Is witnessing all we can do at this crucial [...]

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