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Introduction to the Art of Living

The Art of Living is Osho’s unique new path for seekers of truth. While almost every traditional path

prescribes a lifestyle  of withdrawal (vairagya)from full on involvement in the contemporary world,Osho

tells us to dive in. While most paths prescribe austerities, monastic communities, and continuous

repetitive practices (abhyasa) Osho urges us to watch the unfoldment of our inner nature as the

essential practice. All of the traditional practices are efforts to unwind our karmas from countless past

lives without inflicting yet new burdens upon ourselves. Osho’s art of living is a tightrope walk where we

unfold our karmas by watching them ,more or less harmlessly, in the context of  a natural, spontaneous

life. Most traditional paths avoid radical critiques of the vested interests of politicians,preists,and

moneyed elites in their societies. Osho takes these oppressors of mankinds spiritual potential head

on.He tells us not to fight with the old man, not to cooperate with the old man,but to become the new

man,and build communities and networks of new men to support each others natural unfoldment.

In this section we hear Osho’s advice on how to live ,both in order to prepare for conscious death

and to squeeze the juice from life. The  new man, whom he sometimes calls “the rebel” or Zorba the

Buddha, lives in the world and yet is not of it. He gives clear guidelines on transforming oneself while

enjoying everything,and how not to get too lost in trying to fix the society, or taking our own desires too

seriously. His guidance on the art of living is a compass for navigating life’s ocean.

art of living #1 God Is Dead: Now Zen Is the Only Living Truth, Chapter 6

Audio for Art of Living part 1 (click to play or right click to download) Anything that is totally lived is equal to meditation. You don’t need meditation. And a man who is living moment-to-moment, absolutely naturally, according to himself, has nothing to regret, is not a failure. Hence, a happy man, a blissful man, [...]

art of living #2 The Razor’s Edge, Chapter 23

Audio for Art of Living part 2 (click to play or right click to download) Osho, Would you talk some more on the art of how to be fully alive? The art of living fully, totally, and intensely is not something arduous or difficult, but it has been made almost impossible. It is so simple [...]

art of living #3 The White Lotus, Chapter 10

Audio for Art of Living part 3 (click to play or right click to download) Meditation is the art of living with yourself. It is nothing else than that, simply that: the art of being joyously alone. A meditator can sit joyously alone for months, for years. He does not hanker for the other, because [...]

art of living #4 Come, Come, Yet Again Come, Chapter 2

Osho, I have heard that your sannyasins celebrate death. You have heard rightly! My sannyasins celebrate everything. Celebration is the foundation of my sannyas – not renunciation but rejoicing; rejoicing in all the beauties, all the joys, all that life offers, because this whole life is a gift of God. The old religions have taught [...]

art of living #5 Beyond Enlightenment, Chapter 28

Osho, You have recently said that most of humanity is vegetating, not living. Please explain to us the art of living so that death may become also a celebration. Man is born to achieve life, but it all depends on him. He can miss it. He can go on breathing, he can go on eating, [...]

art of living #6 The Sword and the Lotus, Chapter 18

Osho, Please make me understand what it is to live “rightly.” There are two ways to live, to be, to know: one is of effort, will, ego; the other is of no effort, no struggle, but being in a let-go with existence. All the religions of the world have been teaching you the first way, [...]

art of living #7 The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 4, Chapter 6

Audio for Art of Living part 7 (click to play or right click to download) You are to transcend, not to renounce. If you renounce you miss the point. And when I say, “Let go!” I simply mean don’t cling. I am not saying to you don’t try to be happy. Make every possible effort [...]

art of living #8 From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Chapter 12

Audio for Art of Living part 8 (click to play or right click to download) It is natural that in my commune you will not find anybody bothering about the future, bothering about what happens after death, because so much is happening right now: who cares about death? So much joy and so much peace [...]

art of living #9 , Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind, Chapter 10

The first question: Osho, I’m not skilled in any art. Poetry sometimes happens. Dance happens through me. I feel now there is such a thing as the art of living, of life. Have you a comment? That is the right way. Poetry cannot be done, it can only be allowed. Poetry is not a technique, [...]

art of living #10 A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Chapter 9

A person who escapes is not really a man of understanding. His very escape shows his fear, not understanding. If you say, “How can I be happy sitting in the marketplace? How can I be silent sitting in the marketplace?” and you escape to the Himalayan silence, you are escaping from the very possibility of [...]

art of living #11 A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Chapter 9

Audio for Art of Living part 11 (click to play or right click to download) But this is all quite natural, because your life has not become a work of art. If it had, you could have made your life into a beautiful sculpture. You could have given your life a definite shape; you could [...]

art of living #12 The Voice of Silence, Chapter 2

Audio for Art of Living part 12 (click to play or right click to download) Whatever you have to do, wherever you may be, don’t do anything unhappily, because then, even if you enter heaven, you will enter unhappily; there too you will always manage to find reasons for being unhappy. You will be always [...]

art of living #13 From Sex to Superconsciousness, Chapter 2

Audio for Art of Living part 13 (click to play or right click to download) However, the approach up until now has been exactly the opposite. That approach asks you to renounce life, to renounce the world. It does not ask you to search in life. It does not ask you to learn the art [...]

art of living #14 Satyam Shivam Sundaram: Truth Godliness Beauty, Chapter 3

Audio for Art of Living part 14 (click to play or right click to download) He said, “My God, you have written such a poetic piece about it. I had completely forgotten the lake; I had started taking it for granted. The forest, the mountains…. Yes, I remember now; when I entered this house for [...]

art of living #15 The Rebel, Chapter 4

Audio for Art of Living part 15 (click to play or right click to download) Osho, What are the qualities of a rebel? The qualities of a rebel are multidimensional. The first thing: the rebel does not believe in anything except his own experience. His truth is his only truth; no prophet, no messiah, no [...]

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