Never born-never died.  Only visited this planet from 1931 to 1990.  This is the inscription that OSHO requested be carved on the marble slab above his tomb.  Osho is the Buddha for the coming age, the next 2500 years.

“But then, eyes open, you can see even into that which is not present, that which is going to happen. You can have glimpses of that. The way to see the future is first to see the present. One who can be absolutely in the present becomes capable of looking into the future.

This is ecstatic to even think that Gautama the Buddha had seen you listening to The Diamond Sutra. In The Diamond Sutra you are talked about. That’s why I have chosen it. When I came across these words I thought, “This is the thing for my people. They must know that even they have been looked into by Gautama the Buddha; that something about them has been said twenty-five centuries ago; that they have been predicted.”

The wheel that Buddha moved has stopped. The wheel has to be moved again. And that is going to be my and your life’s work – that wheel has to be moved again. Once it starts revolving it will again have twenty-five centuries’ life. Once it starts moving it goes on moving for twenty-five centuries at least.

And it has to be done again and again and again, because everything loses momentum, everything functions under the laws of nature – entropy. You throw a stone, you throw with great energy, but it goes a few hundred feet and it falls down. Exactly like that, dharma has to be made alive again and again. Then it breathes for twenty-five centuries and then dies. Everything that is born has to die.

But Buddha says, “Subhuti, do not speak thus.” Subhuti must be thinking, “Only we are fortunate. We have listened to Buddha, lived with Buddha, walked with Buddha. We are fortunate, we are blessed people. What will happen after twenty-five centuries when the wheel of dharma has completely stopped moving?” He is thinking about you unfortunate people.

Buddha says, “Do not speak thus, Subhuti. Don’t start thinking that only you are fortunate.” That is a very subtle ego: “We are fortunate, nobody else is so fortunate.” Buddha immediately puts his hand on Subhuti’s mouth:

Do not speak thus, Subhuti! Yes, even then there will be beings who, when these words of the sutra are being taught, will understand their truth.

And I know, here are people who understand the truth. Slowly slowly the morning is happening, the dark night is disappearing. Slowly slowly the seed is gaining ground, entering in your heart.

For even at that time, Subhuti, there will be bodhisattvas….

From Osho, The Diamond Sutra, Chapter 3


Every 2500 years a great master incarnates to update the eternal teachings.The master changes the teachings to fit the evolving man’s mind.  There have been many changes in man’s mind,in man society, and in man’s understanding since Gautama, the Buddha.  2500 years ago.  Hence, although the essential core of Osho’s teachings is identical with that of Gautama, the Buddha, the unknown authors of the Upanishads 5000 years ago, and Shiva of 7500 years ago,  the devices and methods have been modified to fit the evolving mind and society of today’s man.

Osho delayed his enlightenment for 5000 years.  He delayed so that he might explore all available paths. From this incredible experience he has created a religionless religiousness for all meditators.  The radical disconnect  from old traditions does away with dieties, hierarchies, priesthoods, and religious organizations. There is no place for heavens or hells,gods or devils ,sin or guilt,or any of the old carrots and sticks that kept man focused on illusory rewards for a life of suffering and longing.Please read”Why I have Come” in Dimensions Beyond the Known.In this amazing talk he describes his last incarnation, 700 years ago, as well as many other profound mysteries surrounding the incarnations of great beings like Buddha and Mahavir.

His teaching of the essence of meditation,witnessing ,was in agreement with the core of Buddhism,Taoism,Hinduism,Sufism and esoteric Christianity.The advanced practices were much like Zen Buddhism.It was his social teaching that caused a world wide uproar.

The new man, the rebel, the commune, and the end of the old family; it was these ideas that attracted the youth from all the developed countries,and brought fear and retaliatory rage from the old establishments..  His insistence on the fact that man has been subjugated, enslaved and hypnotized for thousands of years by a more or less conscious conspiracy of politicians, priests and vested interests frightened the great powers.  It frightened these powers enough that they sought to bar him from country after country on a variety of pretexts.

On the one hand, his enlightened contemporaries (Anandamurthi,Meher Baba, the Karmapa,several Zen masters, swami Rama) gave Osho support and encouragement.  On the other hand, the established religions were horrified.  One Shankaracharaya declared him the most dangerous human being ever born.  The Vatican and the Anglican Church both tried to suppress and ban  his books.  The American government, led by Ronald Reagan, concocted plans to destroy the commune in Oregon.  He was arrested on false charges, refused bail, transported from jail to jail, poisoned while under a false name (David Washington) in an Oklahoma jail, and then expelled from the country.  The Government lawyers told Osho’s lawyers that they knew they had no case against him.  But ,they could delay the trial for years. If Osho would accept an Alfred plea(essentially excepting a guilty plea, while denying the truth of it) they would let him leave the country. He flew back to India,but left after a few weeks because the Government of India was harassing his Western disciples and refusing to let them be in the country.He went on to Nepal,Greece,England,Ireland, Uruguay,Jamaica,Spain and Portugal. After being welcomed, he would be expelled everywhere. Many European countries would not allow him to land at their airports.
The leaders of all the nations in debt to America bowed   to the request by the United States State Department to refuse Osho residence  ,and would not allow him to found a commune in their countries.  When he returned to his native India in 1986, there were continuous efforts to impede the development of a community and to prevent his disciples from entering the country to see him.(see reference at the end of the biography)

In spite of the continuing efforts to suppress his message and destroy his work, he lived and flourished another four years. Returning to Pune,the commune again flourished . Osho gave his most profound teachings on the rebel,  the new man, the future of humanity and the essential religionless religiousness.

At this time, his religionless religousness is not organized, not centralized, without a hierarchy or priesthoods.It flourishes in centers, communities and networks of individuals around the world.  Most of the work is not in the public eye.  Much of it does not carry his name.  It is a dangerous time for the people who are becoming the new man.  As the old systems crumble, backward looking reactionary forces attempt to put man back in the old mode.  Whether the old man preaches Christianity and Islam, Hinduism, Communism or capitalism; whether he rules in dictatorships or halfhearted democracies, the old man seeks to continue to imprison the new man in old and decaying social forms.

When we asked Osho what to do during these times.?  He said that we had done too much already, to stop doing.  He said that all revolutions have failed.  A new gang of oppressors always replaces the old.  Only a transformation of consciousness, individual by individual, can prevent a global suicide.  He said that we live in an ocean of consciousness.  We affect each other continuously and  unknowingly.  If only 200 people can become enlightened on the planet at the same time, it will be enough to prevent this global suicide.   He said that there are forces in the universe that seek to help mankind, but cannot make contact. The 200 enlightened beings are like step down transformers to enable these forces to help us.  He said that in 700 years all our social progressive hopes will come to pass, but not to wait around for that to happen.  Use the opportunity to get enlightened now.

A brief conventional biography.

He was the eldest son of a cloth merchant and housewife born in Kuchwada,Madhya Pradesh, India in December 11, 1931.  He subsequently had 11 brothers and sisters.  Accounts of his childhood are full of stories of his extraordinary intelligence ,maturity and insight into the human situation.  Coupled with this was a refusal to comply with what he felt were the oppressive expectations of his family, his school, and his society.  Many stories can be found in “Glimpses of a Golden Childhood”, and “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic”which will illuminate his brilliance, mischieviousness and amazing self possession.  He received scholarships to universities and won gold medals, and many debating towards, in spite of rarely attending classes.  He became enlightened at age 21 after several years of increasing introversion that worried the members of his family.He had been recognized and visited by several enlightened mystics while still a teenager.

After his enlightenment.he continued his university career and was a professor of philosophy.  He gradually started teaching meditation classes and lecturing around India.  In 1950 he gave up university teaching to devote himself full-time to touring and lecturing.  He became so popular that often crowds of 50 to 100,000 would come to hear it.  He would sometimes speak to four or five gatherings in the day.

In the late 1960s, he started giving three to 10 day meditation camps in remote and silent locations in India where people could go deeply into their meditation, and not merely hear about it.  In 1970, he realized that people needed some kind of structure to help them with their inner exploration.  He started discipleship, neo sannyas, in Kulu Manali in 1970.  The meditation camps continued in the early 1970s, and disciples  not only from India, but from the Western countries started coming .The flat in Woodlands,Bombay could no longer contain the activities that surrounded him. His movement had grown enough that a permanent base became necessary.

In 1974, a property in Koregaon Park in Poona was bought and he moved there.  He started lecturing daily, and meditation camps and therapy groups happened at the ashram in Poona.  A core of residents to service the stream of Indian and Western disciples slowly grew at the ashram.  By 1981 there were several thousand people at his daily discourses, and perhaps a thousand residents in and around the ashram.Several hundred books in Hindi and English had been published,all the discourses were audiotaped and made available,and there were Osho centers in major cities around the world and in India.

In 1981, Osho came to America.  The official reason was to heal his back, the existential mystery behind this move to the west is beyond my comprehension.  In Oregon, his disciples bought an abandoned ranch of 120,000 acres.  They built a community of 5000 permanent residents, and many thousand visitors came and went throughout the year.  At the annual festivals there would be as many as 20,000 disciples gathering.  After three years of silence,he started speaking again.  These discourses, in eight volumes of 30 lectures each were titled” The Rajneesh Bible”The titles have been changed to “From Death to Deathlessness” etc.  He also began a series of press conferences that were published in six volumes under the title “The Last Testament”.All of these,and Osho’s  other 240 plus volumes are available to read,free, at osho.com and oshoworld.com .The Osho.com library also has a wonderful search engine .

There was considerable resistance from the state governments , some people in Oregon, and at the federal level.  As the harassment of the commune, both legal and illegal, escalated, a small clique of the communes administrators reacted in illegal,and what were to prove destructive, ways.  Ma  Anand Sheila and her group of perhaps 20 collaborators increasingly ran the commune in a fashion that could be described as a spiritual fascism.  They made attempts to destroy records in the county, to put salmonella in a local salad bar, and there was even a plot to poison a water supply.  There was also an attempt to murder Osho’s physician and to poison key members of his loyal intimate caretakers.  When Osho exposed the plot, Sheila and her cohorts fled the country.  The pressure from the state and federal authorities continued after Sheila and her cohorts left.  When it was discovered that the National Guard was massing troops to provoke a bloody confrontation, Osho got on a plane and flew for a vacation in North Carolina to defuse the situation.  The federal government arrested him without a warrant, held him in prison without bail. He was transferred from one prison to another and when admitted to a jail in Oklahoma ,under the false name of David Washington, he was poisoned with Thallium .This led to a precipitous decline in his health, and his eventual death four years later.

He was tried in Oregon, and the government attorneys told Osho’s attorneys that although they had no case,the government could keep him in prison for 10 to 20 years, while pursuing the case.  If Osho wanted to be free to work with his disciples,he would have to accept a plea of guilty on counts of immigration fraud, pay a fine and leave the country for five years.  Once he had left the country the American government pressured all the other governments in the world to prevent Osho from visiting their countries, speaking in their countries, or founding a community in their countries.  This world tour is documented in several books .See the references at the end of this biography.

He returned to his native India in 1986, September.  He again started speaking daily, first in Bombay, and then five months later he returned to Poona.  Once again in Poona disciples came from all around the world to participate in growth groups, learn meditative practices, listen to Osho each evening, and spend time in the mysterious energy field that surrounds an enlightened master.  There were often as many as 4000 disciples present at the evening discourses.  He would address this as the 10,000 Buddhas.  I have heard that this is because there were many thousand advanced souls around the world who are also listening to his discourses.

About nine months before his leaving the body,he stopped speaking.  He started coming to the evening meeting to conduct energy meditations with the disciples.  It was evident that his health was failing.  He left the body on January 19, 1990. “ I leave you my dream, “two videos on you tube,are a record of this event.

Osho is my master, my guru.  I find him as available today as he was when he was in the body.  He is here, both as an inexhaustible energy supply, and a moment to moment guiding intelligence.  I can neither explain nor understand this great mystery.  It is my constant experience.  If I remember him ( the form of the remembrance of varies).  a rush of blissful energy is felt that brings me more into the present’ expands the field which I am conscious of, and gives more distance from my chattering mind and distracting moods.

Osho is unique among Masters in that he has no prerequisites for discipleship.  His unconditional love is available to whoever wishes to become a disciple.  He has said that the work will come later, as a result of the unconditional love.  He has said that each individual is unique,and must find his own unique path.Osho lays out a smorgasbord of possible techniques of meditation,paths of devotion,service,celebration and leaves it to the individual to explore and choose what fits him/her.Our responsibility and our freedom are absolute.

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