This website is the Bardo teachings for today.  Listen to Osho’s talks,  read them and then deeply absorb the meaning of the teachings.  This will prepare you for conscious dying.  This is an initiation, not intellectual gymnastics.

My first face to face meeting with Osho,October 9 1976.Sitting on the floor of Chuangta Tzu auditorium, I look at Him he gazes at me. I feel as though I have known him forever.I burst into tears and laughter and crawl forward to touch his foot.

OSHO”Come closer Bodhicitta,touch the other foot too. Come here I have been waiting for you.  Come here and let me touch your head”

He touches my head, there are three explosion of light in the lower half of my body. In an instant I feel:

Everything I thought was me is only a tiny postage stamp on a vast envelope;

Everything I thought was love is a thimble full in an ocean;

It is all over,forever,there are only a few details to finish off.

Bodhicitta:I love you so!

OSHO(warmly)Mm,good.Bodhicitta,How long are you going to be here?

Bodhicitta:My wife and the Government of India and the state of New York say I have only four weeks. Whatsoever you want me to do with my life, I will do it. So whatsoever you say will do.

OSHO(chuckling)Now neither the wife nor the government of India nor the state of New York mean anything! Now you have come under the rule of a greater government!

Have you done any groups in the West?

Bodhicitta:I’ve done all the groups in the West!(laughter)

OSHO:That’s good. That’s how you have become ready for me. All the group people are bound to come by and by to me. The groups are creating a tremendous possibility for growth, but they are not complete so they leave you in a sort of limbo.But that’s good-otherwise you would never come to me. Everybody who is somewhere,somehow connected with therapy,psychology,psychoanalysis or the humanistic groups is somehow already on the way toward me because sooner or later a meta psychology is going to be born. Psychology is not enough, because psychology is confined to the mind, and being is beyond mind.It is more like no mind.

A meta-psychology is just waiting to be born. A metapsychology will be the psychology of the no mind,the psychology of the beyond. So you are ready tfor the metaspsychological trip!

Just become in tune with my family here. You are a member of my family, so just get in tune with people, meet people.

Bodhicitta:My heart wants to be as close to your vibration as possible.

OSHO:I know…you will be. That’s exactly what you need. You need the nourishment that my presence can give you. So just feel my presence, and just absorb it as much as you can. Let it go into you with  each breath. While you are here, breathe me, eat me, drink me…

The Great Nothing p 428 c. 1978 Rajneeesh Foundation

I have never looked back for a moment.It has been one amazing day after another for 35 years.

I received the Bardo teachings from Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche in Kathmandu in 1986.  Then, under his supervision, I did the 49 day Bardo retreat. ( 13 hours a day of visualizing deities, chanting mantras and staying in a dark room.)  Once a week, I would leave to visit Thrangu Rinpoche for further guidance.  At the end of the retreat, I walked out on the streets of Kathmandu, and wondered who the strange creatures were who were rushing about so distractedly.  Rinpoche,in our final audience, empowered me to transmit the Bardo teachings.  This is what I am doing for you via this website.

In the spring of 1987, at the OSHO commune in Pune, I asked Osho for guidance in updating the Bardo teachings.  I felt the teachings were too culture bound and traditional to appeal to most contemporary meditators.  His answer to me was ” you do it Bodhicitta ,follow your feelings”.  This responsibility,  being appointed the director of the Osho Institute for the Art of Living and Dying, and updating the Bardo teachings for contemporary meditators, led me to live in a semi-monastic, small community of meditators in the Himalayas for the next 20 years.  In 2007 I returned to the United States, because my wife developed breast cancer.  I have worked since then as a psychiatrist in veterans hospitals,and in general hospitals.  Over these three years I have seen perhaps 1600 patients and counseled many who were chronically ill and knew they were dying.  In the summer of 2010.  It came to me strongly in my meditation to finally update the Bardo teachings and put them up on the web.

I reviewed all 2500 of Osho’s discourses with the help of the search engine in the library.  I read books on death and dying,and on the period between death and the next rebirth .Books from Tibetan, Zen, Christian, Hindu,and some contemporary  traditions.  I also read.Da Free John’s “Easy Death”, Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s book”On Death and Dying” , Ira Byock MD’s book “Dying Well”, and Stephen Levine’s” Who Dies”and “Healing into Life and Death”.

I visited Khenpo Kathar Rinpoche,my Tibetan teacher since 1976, and asked for his guidance and in updating the Bardo teachings for the website.  It was from him I first heard discussions of the Bardo teachings In 1977.  He essentially said to me that his thinking was traditional, and that I understood the contemporary mind well enough to update the teachings myself.  It was a very empowering and loving meeting with this immensely wise and revered teacher.  If you wish to read a traditional commentary on the Bardo, “ Bardo: interval of possibility” by Khenpo Kathar Rinpoche is a good place to start.  I will briefly review many other Tibetan commentaries and expositions of the Bardo teachings in the”other traditions “pages of the website.

Next was a long and profound encounter with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  He is the head of the Himalayan Institute, swami Rama’s successor, and author of” From Death to Birth”.  This is covering the same ground as the Bardo teachings from a Hindu tantra point of view.  We found that we agreed on almost everything , and we felt that we had found long-lost brothers.  His language, his stories, and his meditation methods are in a different tradition than a Osho’s.  But, the understanding and agreement on essentials were identical.

Reverend Steve Chinlund, a much respected Anglican priest and mystic, was the next person to review the material and have a long dialogue with me.  Although we appreciated each other very much, and became fast friends,he found several of the ideas difficult to agree with.  These basic ideas, deep in the Western psyche, will be discussed in the next part of Bodhicitta’s commentaries.

In 1986,while working in the garden in a community of meditators in Pokhara Nepal,I was struck by lightning. Carolyn at first thought I was playing a trick as I fell over backward with my pickax.Then she rushed out and found me white,with no pulse and not breathing.On the inside I experienced all my memories being dumped out,as though someone had overturned a file cabinet.There was no particular feeling attached to this. Then I went into a lovely dark space.A voice,or a thought,said to me”You have missed Osho so far in this life,go back and don’t miss him”.The next thing I knew,my eyes opened,Carolyn and a group of anxious faces were looking down at me. I smiled,said”I’m all right,don’t worry.”They assisted me to my bed were I lay for a few hours while a strange energy worked its way up my spine. When it came to the top of my head, I felt whole again and walked slowly into the dining hall.

This is where I’m at as the website goes up.Further commentaries will evolve. There is a section on the website for your stories about death,dying ,the bardo etc.Please send them in and I will post them for friends to read.May these teachings benefit all sentient beings.


There are a few big ideas that most Westerners carry as basic assumptions. Until we get some distance from these ideas,and if possible trascend them,we will be unable to approach the possibility of conscious death.By transcend, I do not mean,believe the opposite.That is an equal mental bondage.I mean realize they are just ideas that tether [...]

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